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All Classes Are Live Interactive Online!!

Welcome to The Art in Science

Where Science Meets Art

Science   Technology   Engineering   Art   Math

STEAM classes for kids -   Online STEAM After School classes -   Kids enrichment classes


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All Classes are  Online:  Live ; Interactive; Small Groups

In our Astronomy classes we will travel to far away places and discover the wonders of outer space


3 different classes to choose from:

  • Our Solar System

  • To Infinity and Beyond

  • No Place Like Space!

Astronomy image - The Little Dipper
Chemistry Image - diffusion  class

In every chemistry lesson, we will study a new concept in one of the chemistry areas: organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, and biochemistry. We will perform an experiment that will end up being an artwork. Subjects covered are absorption, chromatography, chemical reaction, state of matter, polarity, diffusion, and more.

Different sessions to choose from.

Biology offers many different topics in life science:



BIOMES - an introduction to Ecology


STEAMosaurus   - dinosaurs and more 


WHAT'S FOR DINNER (into to nutrition)

UNDER THE SEA (marine biology)

A DAY ON THE FARM  (Agriculture and farming)

Molecular Biology


Biology Image - Life Cycle of a butterfly
Physics Image - Electricity

Want to learn about Forces and motions? Light, Sound, Gravity, Magnetism, and Newton's three laws of motion are just a few of the subjects we will cover in these classes.  With hands-on experiments we will discover the fun in Physics and answer questions from our natural world.


4 different classes to choose from.

Love building things? Curious how things works? In our ENGINEERING serious, in every class we will build a fun machine and understand the science behind its function. We will design and build new and exciting structures and machines, we will learn how they work and have fun exploring (and playing) with our creations.

3 different classes  to choose from

Engineering image
Earth Science image - Volcano

 Is your child curious about volcanoes? earthquakes? the oceans? If so, this is the class for them. Earth Science is an introduction to geology and will cover multiple topics and create fun, interesting (and even yummy) projects.


3 different classes to choose from (ages 5-9):

  • Geology

  • Meteorology

  • Water and More

Math (ages 8-11)

Regardless if your child loves math or complains about his homework  – this class  is designed to ignite wonder and curiosity about the wonder-full world of math.

In this new and unique 5-classes series we will jump into a fascinating pool of numbers and explore some weird one, some real ones and some imaginary. We will understand that numbers aren’t just something you have to study at school but rather all around us and actually essential.


No homework guaranteed!

Math class image - Mobius ring
Young STEAMers image - Magnet Drawing

Young STEAMers (ages 4-7)

Young STEAMers is a distinct program designed to instill love of science to young children (ages 4-7). This semester we will explore various science disciplines - chemistry, physics, biology, engineering and astronomy. We will meet twice a week for 45 min. For maximum flexibility, the program is divided into short 5/6 classes sessions and every class is stand-alone so drop-ins are welcome. 

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